Claims services

Getting you back in business fast

Where losses do occur, FM Global has the financial ability and claims resources to quickly help you restore operations and ensure that stakeholder value is protected.

As a mutual company, FM Global approaches claims from a different perspective; with in-house loss-adjusters authorised to settle claims and make payments promptly.

Thanks to our extensive in-house claims resources, global capabilities and client-focused claims managers, you can feel confident your claim is resolved swiftly and fairly—so you can get back to business.

One call does it all

Our experienced claims professionals deliver timely and uniform adjustment services to your facilities anywhere in the world through a single point of contact—your local FM Global claims representative. This ensures continuity of your operations, consistency in the adjustment of your loss, and the prompt and equitable settlement of your claim.

Prepared for the worst with pre-loss planning

In many cases, you receive no warning before a disaster strikes. That's why pre-loss planning is vital to helping your business minimise the impact of a loss to your bottom-line and to ensure the response to the loss and handling of the claim is as efficient as possible.

FM Global's approach emphasises education and preparation. Our claims staff and management are available to meet with you to help you develop a loss-management plan tailored to your unique needs and make sure your requirements are known to our local loss-adjusters wherever the loss occurs. We provide policy workshops, pre-loss contingency planning and loss mitigation expertise to ensure that you are prepared for all eventualities.

When catastrophe strikes, time is of the essence

With extensive staff resources available 24 hours a day, FM Global quickly mobilises rapid response teams to help you address the immediate and long-term effects of a loss. Your FM Global claims representative works with you to coordinate all aspects of communication between loss-adjusters, loss-prevention engineers, risk-management experts, as well as your staff, to ensure that your operations return to normal as soon as possible.

Treating the client fairly is enshrined in our culture

Our culture of always handling claims fairly and promptly is borne out of our mutual policyholder owner status. We are proud to be industry leaders in fair claims practices having received many third party endorsements from clients, brokers and independent industry research analysts.