Training and development

Training and development

A career at FM Global is filled with opportunities to enhance your skills and gain knowledge to help you improve your current role or, possibly, move into a new area within the company. The main focus of our learning and development philosophy is to ensure our employees have the tools, resources and training they need to support our mission and achieve personal success and career satisfaction.

The commitment to our employees is reinforced through a unique combination of programmes and a progressive learning and development philosophy.

Financial assistance for education

Employees have opportunities to pursue coursework and degrees related to their jobs with financial assistance from the company.

Training programmes

FM Global offers extensive web and classroom-based training and the opportunity to attend seminars and workshops to help you develop competencies and skills.

Career growth opportunities

We have a strong record of providing employees with new experiences across the organisation and an equally strong record of promoting within.

Performance management and employee development

Our performance assessment programme supports all the elements of employee training and development. Each year, you and your manager will set specific goals and objectives that help you and the company succeed, and meet regularly to measure your progress.